Could You Pass the Permit Test?

The following are sample questions and answers to the written driver’s test.


Lyric Westley






1. When you approach a railroad crossing without flashing warning signals or crossing gates you should:

A. cross the tracks as quickly as possible

B. always stop

C. yield to all trains at the crossing

D. speed up to beat the train



2. You may pass another vehicle by using the shoulder of the road:

A. when the vehicle in front of you is making a left turn 

B. to go around a slow-moving vehicle

C. you are not allowed to pass on the shoulder of the road

D. when the traffic ahead is blocked up for 250 feet


3.  If you miss your exit from an interstate expressway:

A. stop in any lane of the highway 

B. get off at the next exit and come back to the exit you missed

C. roll down your window and ask the driver next to you for help 

D. back up on the highway 


4.  The minimum age that a person must be in order to obtain an instruction permit is:

A. 14 years old

B. 15 years old

C. 15 ½ years old

D. 16 years old


5.  The fee for an instruction permit is:

A. $1.00

B. $2.00

C. $3.50

D. $4.00                           


6.  Shortly before you driver or nondriver license expires, the driver’s license bureau will mail a renewal reminder postcard to: 

A. the most current address on your driver record 

B. the address on your last application 

C. the address in your local phone book

D. your local contract office


7.  The minimum age that a person must be in order a motorcycle instruction permit is:

A. 14 years old

B. 15 years old

C. 15 ½ years old

D. 16 years old


8.  For a driver with an intermediate license, the driving restrictions are:

A. seat belt must be worn by the driver

B. seat belts must be worn by all  passengers

C. a driving curfew from 1:00 am to 5:00 am

D. all of the above


9.  To help others know that you want to be an organ donor, you should:

A. complete the organ donor information on the back of your license

B. discuss your decision with your next of kin

C. have two witnesses sign the back of your license

D. all of the above


 10.  Where should you go to take the Missouri driver examination tests: 

A. any Missouri State Highway Patrol examination station 

B. any Department of Transportation office 

C. any Missouri contract office 

D. the nearest high school driver education class


11.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol examiner will check the person’s vehicle before beginning the driving test:

A. to look for stolen car parts 

B. to make sure that the vehicle has the required equipment 

C. to make sure that the vehicle is in safe operating condition 

D. answers b and c 


12.  If you fail the driving test three times: 

A. the examiner will give you a Driving Skills Examination Report 

B. you must send the above report to the Department of Revenue 

C. the Department of Revenue will require driver training 

D. all of the above 


 13.  Two solid yellow lines on the pavement mean: 

A. passing is allowed for both drivers 

B. passing is not allowed 

C. passing is allowed if you are at the top of a hill 

D. passing is allowed during daylight only


 14.  The minimum and maximum speed limits on Missouri interstate highways are: 

A. 40/55 

B. 40/70 

C. 30/70 

D. 55/75 

 15.  A flashing red light on a traffic signal means: 

A. the same thing as a stop sign 

B. the traffic signal is broken 

C. you do not have to come to a complete stop 

D. driving conditions are dangerous





1. C   2.C   3.B   4.B   5.C   6.A   7.C   8.D   9.D.  10.A.  11.D  12.D.  13.B  14.B. 15.A