Book Review: Gilt Hollow

A speedy, easy read with romance and a touch of mystery


Gilt Hollow, written by Lorie Langdon, is told from the perspectives of Willow Lamott and Ashton Keller. Growing up, they were inseparable, until Ashton was convicted of murder. When Ashton returns to Gilt Hollow, being released early on good behavior, he is determined to find the real murderer.  Throughout all of these years that Ashton’s been away, Willow has been getting backlash from others in town for her strong belief in her friend’s innocence. When the two finally bump into one another while in town, tensions rise. Ashton’s furious with Willow and thinks that she abandoned him, like his parents. However, Willow doesn’t know why Ashton’s angry. She’s been writing letters to him and didn’t receive any back, which is why she’s vexed with him. Willow pushes aside her irritation and tries to help Ashton find a safe place to sleep. As the two grow closer again, they work together to solve the murder of Daniel, the boy killed so long ago. 

This was an incredibly quick read, and I finished this story within a day. However, I felt the plot and characters were cliche. Willow, a good-hearted, loyal girl, and Ashton, the misunderstood criminal. There was nothing special or unique about them. The plot was predictable. I knew right away who the murderer was and who was involved. I would have liked to see more character development with the murderer, perhaps then it wouldn’t have been so obvious. In addition, I wasn’t a fan of how our two main characters used and pretended to date other characters while having feelings for one another. They used these relationships to gain information on the murder. Even after Ashton’s girlfriend becomes vulnerable with him and shares how in her past relationships she’s been used and wants something genuine with him, we never see remorse from him. Willow and Ashton are so consumed in the investigation that they forget their actions have consequences. Lastly, I didn’t find much excitement in the action scenes. I wasn’t on the edge of my seat or itching with anticipation. They were lacking in vigor and suspense. 

While this book definitely was not one of my favorites I wouldn’t say that it was awful. I would recommend Gilt Hollow to those that are looking for a speedy, easy read with romance and a touch of mystery.