Spring Showers and Relaxing Hours

Breaking Free From Stressful School Work


It is that time of year when students and staff earn a much-needed break from school. The sun shines while each day is getting warmer and warmer.

“I’m excited for spring break. I feel like I need a break from school but, at least we’ve had Wednesdays off, that has been really nice,” freshman Kyle Moor said. 

Students are taking this time to unwind from a stressful school year.

“I’m excited for the break simply because it’s not school. I don’t have any plans for spring break, so I’ll probably just be sitting at home relaxing,” freshman Lydia Davis said.

Students are also taking this time to participate in extracurricular activities.

“I still have to audition, but I may be in the musical, Heathers. I’m hoping to play Veronica,” Davis said.

Some students’ spring break plans have been altered by COVID.

“I don’t have any plans for spring break that I can think of. Usually, my family and I go to Kansas City to see different buildings but, that’s not going to happen this year,” Moor said.

Others say that COVID has not stood in their way too much.

“COVID hasn’t really affected my plans. Nothing was really affected, I’m not going on vacation or anything,” Davis said. 

A few students believe now is a decent time for families to plan vacations or to travel.

“With the vaccine coming out, now is a better time to travel than before,” Moor said.

Another student says that it is up to you and what you feel ready for.

“It’s their opinion. People can travel if they want to,” Davis said.

Although school this year has not been unbearable, students and staff are overjoyed for about a week off of school. People should take this time to gather themselves and enjoy the sun. Hopefully, students and staff come back from spring break recharged and ready to finish the school year.