Online Fashion

Now online clothing stores have become popular; how do these stores differ from in-person shopping?


Jordan Copsey

Since COVID-19 hit and everyone was in lockdown, shopping online became huge. Between buying gifts, groceries, electronics, people did not want to risk leaving the comfort and safety of their own homes to go anywhere. This is how online clothes shopping got huge. With clothing trends changing and people wanting to stand out, shopping for clothes online was the easiest way to do so. Why would you waste your time going out and shopping when in a couple of minutes you can go onto Shein, Stitch Fix, New Look, Zaful, or even Amazon to find a cute shirt for a low price? Though online shopping is normally pretty cheap and just an easy thing to do, shopping primarily online does have its faults.

“Clothes have a better quality when it’s in the stores.” Freshman Lily Morgan said.

Clothing is so difficult to just look at how it fits on other people who are made to look like that “perfect” body type, so determining how you will look in that outfit is super difficult. Adding to the fact that you are not one-hundred percent sure if you will like how the fabric feels and if it is itchy, scratchy, or if it is stretchy. Clothing is just one of those things that are semi-difficult to shop online for. On the topic of the quality of the clothing, fitting is probably the most important thing when it comes to your style. 

“Some kids wear double zeros and some kids wear 1 XL and the fitting only goes from XS-L, it’s difficult to find something cute.” Freshman Corrine Foxhoven said.

Most models have a smaller physique, so a big hoodie on them might be small on someone who is even just a bit bigger. Or medium-sized models might have on something that fits perfectly, it is tight and looks cute, but on slimmer people, it could be baggy and not look as appealing. People who are actually plus-sized have difficulty with finding plus-sized 2 XL, 3 XL, and so on. Finding clothing that fits around you is just as important as clothes that go to the desired length.

“What if I’m tall or what if I’m super short? It’s not inclusive.” Freshman Mary Schouten said.

Finding clothes that fit the length that you want them to be at is just as important. Yes, some clothes are meant to be a little higher up or lower cut, but if you have long legs in some pants, they are at mid-shin when really they are supposed to be around your ankles. For people with shorter legs or a shorter stature, most pants are high-waisted or have extra fabric down by your ankles. Trying to “fit” clothes without being able to try them on is a huge struggle for lots of people.

There are so many different types of bodies. Fashion stores need to widen how they fit clothes for people. Or expand on petite sections or any other ways to define people’s bodies. Though shopping online can be quick, easy, and cheap. It is not always the best option.