Misused Masks

A year of persevering through COVID has caused proper mask-wearing habits to decay


Olivia O'Dell

As the pandemic stretches into 2021, understandably, students have grown tired of masks. After living with the rules and precautions for so long, people have begun underestimating COVID-19. 

I think everyone has become a bit complacent regarding the pandemic. It is easy to feel like the pandemic is no longer an issue when you do not see sick people day to day. It is important for everyone to remember that they hold other people’s lives in their hands. All that we have to do to keep others safe is wear a piece of cloth on their face; that seems a small price to pay for somebody else’s safety,” science teacher Racheal Meilak said. 

This is worrisome to many. Nobody wants to go back into another lockdown. 

“It is important because we appear to be on the downward trend of Covid cases and mask-wearing it one way to limit the spread,” math teacher Ann Sharp said. “I realize and understand that people are growing tired of masks but I think we are close to resuming normal activity and don’t want to take a turn backward.” 

It would be such a shame for people to start getting sick because we are getting complacent this close to the finish line”

— Meilak Racheal

It is disappointing to see the lack of caution others are showing towards this pandemic.

 “It would be such a shame for people to start getting sick because we are getting complacent this close to the finish line!” Meilak said.

Teachers are trying their best to remind students of how to wear their masks. 

“My students know that their mask should be covering their mouth and nose at all times. If it slips, I will just point to my nose and they know what they need to do,” Meilak said. 

It is taking a little longer for some staff members to adjust to these new rules and warnings.

“I try to. Sometimes I realize that I didn’t say something to a student until after class but I am trying to be more aware,” Sharp said.

Although some students may feel wearing a mask is useless, it is important to continue to wear it correctly. 

“Honestly I haven’t thought about the increase in improper mask-wearing and I’m not really worried about it. I do feel like people should wear their masks correctly whether or not they want to. It’s not just about you individually, it’s about everyone as a whole,” freshman Sophie Aldenderfer said. 

Besides mask-wearing, there are other things people can do to prevent the spread of COVID. 

“Try to avoid large social gatherings unless you can be socially distanced. Follow CDC guidelines so we can get back to some normalcy!” Meilak said.

Especially being back at school, everyone needs to remember to be cautious. 

“If you have symptoms of COVID, get tested. If you have COVID, please, for the love of the Lord, stay home!” Aldenderfer said. 

As many have expressed, people want to get back to a COVID-free world. Yet, the only way to get there is by following the guidelines. People may tire of wearing their masks, but everyone should remember the mask is not just protecting you, it is protecting those around you. So, while some may begin to feel more comfortable with the COVID situation, others may not. Individuals should wear their masks for their community.