Addison Ditamore


Nick Dawson

Addison Ditamore has many things she’s interested in, including trucks.

“I just like the way they look and they also help with moving grain which you can’t do with a car,” Ditamore said.

She also has got a job as a freshman which is something a lot of freshmen do not do.

“I really wanted to work on a ranch or farm to get more of that country job because I want to do that in my future so that gave me good experience to start off with,” Ditamore said.

In the future, Ditamore wants to go to Northwest Missouri State. 

“I really want to do something big in agriculture and Northwest Missouri State has a really good program for that and they pay for your textbooks so that will really help me in the future,” Ditamore said.

I really want to do something big in agriculture and Northwest Missouri State is a really good program for that”

— Addison Ditamore

Addison plays a lot of sports, but one sport she used to participate in was gymnastics which she is not allowed to anymore, due to a freak injury. Here is what she said about her experience with suffering such a bad injury

“It really set me back and kinda put down my confidence at first but when I was recovering it made me want to go after my goals even more,” Ditamore said.

There’s something that Ditamore has dreamed of doing but has not done.

“To be honest I’ve really wanted to bull ride like that’s my life goal I wanna bull ride non-stop. I want that to be the main profession,” Ditamore said.

When getting a job it teaches you a lot about growing up, and it also teaches you other things that someone who does not yet have a job doesn’t know yet. Ditamore said this about how getting a job has taught her about growing up

“It taught me that I need to be a lot more careful of my choices because if I do or say one thing it can ruin my job and affect how much I get paid and how much I get to work at all and it also affects how my boss sees me as a person and a worker,” Ditamore said.