Softball Fields

The softball team is set to have its own field after years of playing without one.


Olivia Warren, Leah Haskell, and Nick Dawson

Lee’s Summit High School has a budget of $19 million to build new fields for the softball and baseball teams. The new softball and baseball fields are located at SE Bailey and SE Ranson Roads, where the fourth middle school is being constructed.

“I’m sad that it’s my senior year because I only get to play on it one time officially so I wish we would’ve had it done a little bit earlier but it takes time.” Senior Omara Love said.

Love is a senior and has been a part of the softball team for four years. She’s been playing softball overall for 13 years. She has played on multiple teams and fields. 

“It being our own area and I think a really cool place for us to have our own space like we have a locker room and the dugouts are really nice.” Love said.

The softball team has been playing at Legacy Park for their softball games for a while now. They did not have their own field and the Legacy Park fields were not updated. 

“I’m telling you, Legacy is so depressing, like we get there and we’re quiet and we just don’t like it there. We do better at away games. We would have won almost all of them” Sophomore Mady Rowden said.

Miranda Medrano (left) and Mady Rowden (right) on the softball field

Rowden grew up playing softball and joined the girl’s softball team her freshman year. Many softball players have been playing for a while, some of them grew up on the Legacy fields. Because they grew up there, many of which did not feel like they were a part of a high school team. 

“If you grew up playing softball you started at Legacy like T-ball and rec-ball and it just gives off rec-vibes,” Rowden said.

What if our school had these fields before this year? This year the Lee’s Summit High School girls softball team made it to conference and sadly lost the game to Ray-Pec, losing conferences but making it to that very last game.

“The idea of having our own area just made it more fun and also the idea of fans like it’s right in the area of neighborhoods so people will just walk in and come sit and watch are games so I think us having the support of the other people around us also makes it fun for us.” Love said.