Just Do You!


Junior Lydia Francis

Around the school, students like freshman Avery Rausch, sophomore Connor Rea, and junior Lydia Francis have different preferences on how they dress. For Francis, they choose a unique style of clothing. 

 “I will either dress like a 12-year-old little boy or the alternative and edgy,” Francis said.

However, Rea goes for whatever they feel like wearing.

“Something that would tread the line between alternative or emo,” Rea said.

Sophomore Connor Rea

A common misconception about clothing styles is that it reflects a person’s personality. For Francis, that is not necessarily true. 

“Your clothes represent how you feel, and that’s true, in some ways, but it doesn’t mean that I like, am a violent person, you know, or anything like that,” Francis said.

Francis gets many positive reactions to what they wear.

“Oh my God, I love your hair, and where’d you get your clothes?” Francis said. 

However, there are also some odd experiences that Francis has encountered. 

“One time somebody was making fun of me, because of my hair,” Francis said. 

Francis still feels safe at Lee’s Summit High School, even with the odd experiences. 

“At this school, I definitely feel safe, but I feel like it’s weird cause people did take pictures of me, but mostly I feel fine about it, specifically here.”

Different from Francis, Rausch is always prepared for experiences she encounters at school. 

“I’m prepared to do what I need to do. I’m never caught off guard if I need to do something because I wasn’t wearing the right clothes,” Rausch said. 

Whether or not her clothing style impacted her daily life.

Freshman Avery Rausch

“I would say that it impacts it slightly, some people might comment on it but that’s it,” Rausch said.

For Rausch, getting ready for school is not all about impressing other people. 

“I go more for comfort. If I’m comfortable in it, I’m good with it.” Rausch said. 

Rausch believes that the key to learning better is dressing more comfortably.

When I’m going to school and I’m dressed comfortably, I feel like I learn better because it’s easier to focus for me and I am ready to do anything in it,” Rausch said. 

Rausch, Francis, and Rea are comfortable in what they wear. 

‘‘I’m not really worried about people judging me,” Rausch said.