Going Back


Once students become upperclassmen they are able to sign up to become a Clerical Aid or a CA. Not all teachers have them, but why would students want to go to an old teacher’s class?

 “I’m already involved in one of Donahay’s extracurricular activities, “Youth, and Government,” so I get to work with him on that a little bit.” Senior Eleanor Ammerman said.

Along with working with the teachers on their clubs, they also are able to let go and talk with the students.

 “I usually joke around with the teacher and students.” Senior Lauren Roth said.

Since these students were in some of their chosen teacher’s classes, they are able to get an outside perspective on how the class runs.

“It’s fun to play a different role in the same class I was a part of, getting to grade tests and get a different view of how the class works,” Ammerman said.

Along with helping the class run, students are also able to work on their own work and homework from their other classes. 

“I basically do my homework and then go get a package for him every week or so.” Senior Brody Wells said.

Students are able to help give back to teachers for helping them throughout the years.

“I just get to return the favor. He was a great teacher for me for two years and I get to help him out with his classes.” Ammerman said.

Teachers are not the only ones being helped out by their students.

“He was definitely one of my favorites and he definitely changed what classes I took,” Roth said.

CA’s have been able to influence underclassmen to become CA’s for the teachers who have helped them most. 

 “I heard about it from other seniors and my freshman year in Mr. Peters’ class we also had a CA and I thought it was something fun to do,” Roth said.

Kids have gone to the counselors for a form that allows them to sign up to be a CA for the following year. 

“I applied for it during enrollment time, I went down to the counselor’s office and asked for a form,” Roth said.

Applying at the end of the school year is the best way to apply as a CA, but students can also talk to that teacher at the beginning of the year and ask if they would email your counselor to switch your class.

“I got mine done two days into the school year. I went up to him and asked if I could be his CA and he told me he would email my counselor. It was very, very simple.” Ammerman said.