Senior Spotlight

Take a step into what four randomly picked seniors are experiencing in their last year of high school.

Nick Dawson, Leah Haskell, and Olivia Warren


Tanner Pack

”Feels good. Other than that it feels like the last two years didn’t happen. Like it still feels like I’m halfway through sophomore year. It didn’t feel like last year was junior year, it felt like sophomore year.” Tanner Pack said.

Pack is one of many seniors who feel that they skipped through high school. Even if he feels like a sophomore, he is still looking to the future

“That’s pretty much the seal of biliteracy because it can grant you a lot of scholarship money if you can say you’re bilingual.” Pack said.

Pack is thinking about what would look good while he applies for scholarships. He takes interest in cyber security and IT as a major.

“I could go to UCM and get a certain major for cyber, or I can go to MU and probably go through a better program, but I won’t get a cyber major, so it would be more of like a major in some form of IT or something.” 

Pack is attending STA for cyber security. He has been going to STA since his junior year. 

“I went last year because you had to take a Network Engineering course before you can actually go into cyber.” Pack said.

Celina Do-Tran

“I only have four hours of the day and then for the rest of the day I work for SBE in the attendance office and then I’m also part of Loud Crowd because that’s something I’ve wanted to do forever. Just be in the front.” Celina Do-Tran said.

Do-Tran is involved in many school activities, she works outside of school to stay involved.

“I nanny this kid. I’m also part of Loud Crowd. I usually always do the banner on Thursday nights and then I’m also in IB classes and college classes. I spent a lot of time doing homework and lately, I’ve been applying to colleges and scholarships. All that fun stuff.” Do-Tran said.

While being a senior has its ups and downs, she finds it bittersweet to be in her last year.

“I have been with the same people since kindergarten. The same group of friends, we’ve lived in the same area. We always hang out and we all want to go to different places and most are going to MU because everyone goes to MU.” Do-Tran said.

Even though Do-Tran is nervous, she wants to go to school out of state and start brand new. 

“It’s really scary but it’s also really exciting and I’m just kind of savoring the last moments I have here especially since I’ve only had like two real years here,” Do-Tran said.

She is scared it feels like she jumped from being a sophomore to wearing a cap and gown.

“It’s like we’re still stuck in sophomore year. It’s so weird and now we’re taking senior pictures in cap and gowns literally next week like that’s scary.” Do-Tran said.


Elsa Zwiner

“My sense of self and knowing who I am really.” Elsa Zwiner said

Zwiner wanted to stay true to herself as a senior and know who she is as a person. She also has been interested in art since she was five or six years old. She is not in any art classes this semester but still looks forward to a career in the arts.

“Pursue some sort of art career.” Zwiner said.

She has her own personal favorite mediums in art.

“I like to draw and paint.” Zwiner said.

Although she does have a love for art she’s excited to graduate and move on to the next stage of her life.

“I’m just ready for it to be over.” Zwiner said.


Jackson Clouse

“I’m on the varsity soccer team.” Jackson Clouse said.

Jackson has been playing soccer for over 11 years and has made it onto the school’s varsity team. He has played for the school but has also played in clubs. 

“I work a lot. I work at LongBoards. It’s fine, nothing special.” Clouse said.

He does have a plan for what he wants to do.

“I’m playing on going to Northwest to study sports medicine or therapy.”

Clouse also does not know if he will continue playing soccer after high school.

“I want to but my junior year I tore my ACL. I missed where you had to do like scouts and stuff.” Clouse said.