BSU Profile

One of the school’s newest clubs is looking to make an impact.


Leina Ndango

Maddie Francis

This year LSHS has welcomed many new clubs but one, in particular, has stood out the Black Student Union. The BSU has opened a space for black students to feel welcomed and safe within our school. So what is the message of the BSU? 

“I think the message is honestly subjective, I feel like every individual who joins the club takes it personally differently, for me I saw it as a place where I could collaborate with other black people, and educate people in this school and just honestly just create a safe space for black individuals, but I feel like it’s a hundred percent subjective each individual creates their own meaning for the club.” Senior Amari Childs said.

The BSU has also helped foster many new friendships and relationships amongst the members. 

“It does cause I’ve gotten to meet so many new people, people that I didn’t even know go to this school or just people that I never felt like I would be friends with, and then it allowed me to get to know teachers and kinda like know that they are there for us and that we can go to them with whatever we need, so I think I’ve felt a little more safe in this school, and I think the other members would say so as well.” Senior Leina Ndango said.

The BSU has created a community but within the community, there have been more opportunities for friends.

“A hundred percent not even just at our school but also at the other schools, we’ve had several conventions or like places to discuss college, and just school in general with the other BSUs so it’s given me so many friends here and outside of the school.”

 What fond memories do they all have at the club? Childs thinks back to a couple of months ago.

I think we’ve had a positive impact this far and I think that’s just gonna continue to grow as we move along in the future.

— Ndango

“When we went to this restaurant and it was a super fun experience and ice skating when we went ice skating it was really really fun and just being able to do that as a club is really nice.” Childs said.

But, what kind of impact does the BSU have on its members? 

“I know that for a fact for me I’ve never been to a school where we’ve had something like this where all the black students can come together and just be together and plan stuff together and have friendships together, go out together, I’ve never had that and just having this club specifically for this is nice and has really impacted me positively.” Freshman Alayna McCoy said.

Members believe that the club has had a positive impact not only on themselves but the school as a whole. 

“For one we have fostered a welcoming environment and really opened arms to more people including non-people of color we’ve had them come to our meetings and that’s been nice to see that there are people that do support us and support our cause as well as teachers that have come and popped in the meeting that are non-color as well. So that’s really nice,” Ndango said. 

Speaking of the future the club planned for Black History Month, Ndango shares some things that are in the works.

“So we have a spirit week and I think that’s gonna be really fun and that’s gonna be something that everyone can participate in. The week is the 14th to the 18th of February. Monday is jays in shades and pears and chucks and that’s inspired by Barack Obama and Kamala Harris then Tuesday is Afrocentric, so you can wear African wear if you have it or we have like the whole school one grade is wearing yellow one grade is wearing green, one grade is wearing red. Wednesday we have a blackout. Thursday is 2000s day so that’s just like 2000s inspired kind of dressing. Friday we have gala wear so that’s like all decked out gala stuff like that.” Ndango said.