Season End

With the season ending this means that there is more time for improvements, but to some this means there is now a beginning to a new chapter in life.


Addison Ditamore

The 2021-2022 Girls Basketball season is coming to an end. This season has been full of wins and losses, but most importantly it has brought many new and exciting memories. Sometimes the best memories come from a slight change that many may not notice at first.

“We haven’t had a winning season since we came off our State-Runner Up year, and for them to kinda start to start to believe that they are good players and that what we are doing is working is probably one of the best things that has happened to us this season.” English teacher Jessica Crawford said.

A player’s mental game is one of the biggest pieces to success and becoming the best athlete they can be.

“Even though it has gotten a lot better, we need to focus more mainly on confidence.” said Crawford.

In order to play a good, it is necessary to notice that teamwork is the biggest part of the game.

“We need to work on not only our confidence but our confidence in each other and their abilities because I have it for them, but they just need to believe it too.” Crawford said.

As new athletes come and go each year some traditions always stick around throughout the years.

“Every time before a game we would always run through the locker room and hit the top of the door for good luck also since it is a tradition.” Senior Mya Moore said.

Bringing the same locker room atmosphere to each game is a huge part of bringing the team together. 

“It’s just our time to connect as a team and family before the game.” Crawford said.

Properly making sure that they are in the right mindset before playing can either make or break the game.

“I was most excited to play against Lee’s Summit North mostly because we knew that we could beat them.” Moore said.

honestly there is nothing you can lose, and no matter where you end up on the team you can always work hard and improve.”

— Mya Moore

Getting new players gives the team and program more opportunities and challenges to work and experiment with. In addition to improving it also makes new lifelong friendships.

“If you are hesitating to try out just go for it because honestly there is nothing you can lose, and no matter where you end up on the team you can always work hard and improve.” Moore said.

However, when trying something new, know that it will not always be sunshine and rainbows. Learning and going through those hard times is often very rewarding. 

“They have been a part of a rebuilding program and that sometimes it isn’t the most fun thing to go through, but I appreciate them being a part of that and not giving up on me and the program.” Crawford said.

Coming to the end of a season also means that it is getting closer to having to say goodbye to some of the teammates that everyone loves and looks up to. Seniors have dedicated a lot of their time and hard work to this sport and program for most of their high school careers.

“Everyone is really going to miss them, but wherever they end up going or doing after high school we wish the best for them,” Moore said.