Drawing Up a Team

Students on the archery team reflect on their year in one the school’s newer clubs.


Hitting 10s: Owen Pomroy poses in his archery stance. Owen Pomroy was one of the top scoring archers on his team. “Other than my personal performance, I wouldn’t change much about it,” Pomroy said.

Samantha Stanley

LSHS’s archery team had one of their best seasons during the 2022-2023 school year. The majority of their team made it to state. Hi-Life News reporter Samantha Stanley, interviewed some of the top archers at LSHS to reflect on their season.

 “We all try to do as good as we can together individually so we as a whole will be better,”  Junior Owen Powroy said.

Archery is an individual sport where it can be hard to feel like a team.

“Since our scores are personal, we are going against each other but we are still going for this school so we are still able to cheer each other on,” Sophomore Sabrina Guyton said. 

Even though every archery team is trying to do their best, LSHS archers focus on remaining calm during the pressure.

“Whereas other teams are out there to win it, while our team is more relaxed about it,” Powroy said.

Archery is also an extremely social sport. Archers understand the importance of team bonding.

“You can talk more with your friends in between and build relationships,” Sophomore Skyy Williams said.

“It has gotten me out of the house more and has built my confidence with performing in front of other people,”

— Skyy Williams

Archery is more flexible compared to more traditional high school activities.

“It’s not like you have to be there every time if you want to show up, you can show up,” Powroy said.

These archers are a close-knit group and use it to their advantage for their performance.

“Since we do have a small team, everyone knows everyone and I think that’s what makes us amazing,” Guyton said.

Sports can be known for being rough, however, archery is slow paced so anyone can compete.

“It’s also more relaxing, at least for me, compared to other sports that may be more competitive and stressful,” Powroy said.

Archery is one of the many high school sports that can help students grow.

“It has gotten me out of the house more and has built my confidence with performing in front of other people,” Williams said. 

LSHS archery makes an effort to always include in everything they do.

“If you’re not so good at archery, it’s entirely fine.  We will still let you go to meets and state championships,” Powroy said.

This sport is something anyone can learn and practice compared to other high school athletics.

“Archery is very inclusive, anyone can do it. You don’t have to be able to run fast or the strongest. It’s very personal,” Guyton said. 

Archery also focuses on personal growth and remembers the fun side of high school sports.

“I would say it’s more relaxed. It’s not like we have to make it to state or beat this team. It’s more of ‘You did great because you did better than last time,’” Williams said.

LSHS’s archery team is excited for the next season and beyond.

“I think we are just going to get better and better,” Guyton said.