Ride Your Wave Movie Review

A beautiful film about heartbreak, loss, and healing


Raven Ryan

For a while now, I’ve wanted to watch this animated movie. Not only did it look beautifully made, but I had also seen it everywhere on my social media with comments about viewers bawling their eyes out at the emotional ending. So, curious as I am, I watched it.

There is no doubt this film pulled at my heartstrings. It isn’t often that I tear up or even sniffle during a movie, but this film definitely mastered the skill of empathy. You get a look into the relationship that blooms between the two characters right before it abruptly ends. You anticipate a “happily ever after”, but things end a little differently. But, even in the middle of the euphoric moments of love and joy, you have a feeling that everything is too good to be true. You know that the characters are too perfect for each other. 

Ride Your Wave is a beautiful, heartwarming film about heartbreak, loss, and healing. It not only has breathtaking animation, but it also has wonderful moments between characters and dynamics that make each character so loveable. With that, the creators also make you feel the crushing sorrow that arises during the movie. It’s sudden and unforgiving, the once colorful, vibrant, and warm atmosphere turns dull, cold, and sad. Summer love turns to winter’s depression, and you hardly have time to understand how it’s even fair for the events to happen. When the event happens, you realize the film isn’t about romance, it’s about healing. It’s about how letting go is better for you than holding on to something that’s already gone. It’s a hard process and the main character shows it painfully. 

This film’s animation and art style are unique and recognizable, and I immediately knew that the creators of the movie also created Devilman Crybaby (2018), simply because of the facial expressions and extremely dramatic movements of the characters. It’s definitely a style that takes getting used to, but this film isn’t as dramatic and weirdly disproportionate as Devilman Crybaby

If you are a fan of anime and feel like having your heart squeezed tremendously, I absolutely recommend adding this movie to your to-do list. This film has very memorable moments, beautiful scenery, unique animation, and a story that tears you apart before slowly putting you back together. Overall, this film deserves a solid 5/5 stars rating, and I would very much watch this film again.