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Neutral Ground

People can have very different ideas about the new gender-neutral bathrooms in our school. Having different genders in a bathroom could cause an issue for other people at the school, while it may not cause an issue at all for some others. Some think it isn’t a big deal, and others think that it is just a place to hang out.

“In my opinion, gender-neutral bathrooms are just another place for people to go and meet up between passing periods in school when they don’t have anywhere else to go or just to hang out when they are skipping their classes.” Freshman Leif Wilson said

The gender-neutral restrooms may have some conflict involved with people around the school, people have many different opinions about whether these restrooms will become an issue for others in the school.

“It could be a good thing for people who are nonbinary or trans. It can make them feel more comfortable and wanted in school, but at the same time, for other people, it could be concerning. Some people may be doing things they shouldn’t be when they go and use the restroom during classes.” Sophomore Maria Tomeldan said

The bathrooms are suitable for trans/nonbinary people. However, there may be conflict between different genders.

“I think that they could cause some conflict if they wanted because some other people in the school want more privacy when they go to the restroom and not to have the

same gender in the bathroom with them. It would feel uncomfortable for some of the students” Sophomore Ava Romo said

Most people seem comfortable with the idea of these restrooms in our school. They seem to feel safer in these restrooms because of how they were made to fit the privacy of everyone at our school.

“I would say that I feel safer in these bathrooms than other bathrooms in this school or in other schools. They are actually closed off on the bottom of the stalls, which provides some privacy for people.” Wilson said

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Bella Lynch
  This is sophomore Bella Lynch's second year on the newspaper team. She is a simple writer for articles in the team. You can catch her after school only on wednesday in the library during book club as she has no other clubs. Outside of school time she enjoys spending time alone or with few friends. She likes to relax after long days at school. She enjoys cooking, watching netflix, drawing, or hanging out with close friends at her house. She may often visit a friend to play with ferrets.

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