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All The Broken Pieces

A feature story on Brianna Rolands published book
Norah Wareham

Over the summer, Senior Brianna Roland utilized her outlet of writing to express her thoughts and feelings by writing and publishing her book “All the Broken Pieces.”

“I want my poetry to be something people read and form a meaning of their own. Poetry can be a very subjective form of expression; therefore, I want my readers to read my words for what it is and choose how they perceive it. My poetry began as my thoughts begging to get out, but now they are free to be whatever you choose,” Roland said.

Roland continues to share, more specifically, about the way her book was written.

Divided into 3 sections, All the Broken Pieces is a poetic journey through the bitter-sweet moments in life. Looking into the broken pieces; the heart, the mind, and the body, we make an attempt to pick up the pieces and make them whole again. 

Senior Grace Jacobi related to Roland’s book after hearing about it in class.

“I heard Brianna talking about her book in class. I thought it was cool that she wrote a poetry book because I also write poetry,” Jacobi said. “My favorite part of reading her book was that I can really relate to the poetry. This book is so beautifully written. “

Roland’s teacher and mentor, Carrie Weeda, also shared her favorite part about reading Roland’s book.

“My favorite part was seeing the progression that happens in the book of moving past negative emotions to a place of perspective and healing,” Weeda said.

Roland also took her own creative liberties when writing “All the Broken Pieces.”

“After reading her book, I was excited to see that Brianna incorporated her artwork to illustrate her poetry. Both parts enhance each other,” Weeda said. 

Weeda shares more about Brianna’s writing style and artistry.

“Brianna weaves together her writing and drawing abilities to take the reader on a journey from anger and sadness to wholeness and hope,” Weeda said.

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