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The Student News Site of Lee's Summit High School

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The Student News Site of Lee's Summit High School

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    Ten Unknown

    • Valeri spence
    • Frankie Farelanes
    • Good food
    • Very cheap
    • Brother goes all the time, everyones friendly
    • Always satisfy and check on you constantly
    • Brayden Kehler
    • Applebees
    • Apetizers are good, a lot to eat, and cheap
    • Staff are super friendly
    • Entertainment: tv
    • Joey Ferguson
    • Main slice
    • Good food, a social place to hangout
    • A calm spot to be, “it’s like the starbucks of pizza”
    • Fair price
    • Sierra Nyquist
    • Whistle stop
    • Phenominal atmosphere
    • Train is a cool touch
    • Outside is super nice
    • Sister works there, they pay well and theyre all super nice
    • Theres also a bunch of stuff around
    • Emily Williams
    • Neighbors cafe
    • Cinnimon rolls are heavenly
    • Worried it was going to close so she bought two dozen of them
    • Good service and you feel like youre at home
    • Cassidy Robinson
    • Summit fair
    • Cool shopping atmosphere
    • Workers at all the stores are nice and enjoy their job
    • Close and well priced
    • Aidan clark
    • Waldo pizza
    • Good service
    • Price is pretty cheap
    • They give free pizza when service isn’t up to par

    Top 5s of Lee’s Summit

    1) Stuey Mcbrews is a family restaurant with a unique variety of affordable food, but there is a hidden side to this restaurant.

    “I eat there every once in awhile, but people say all the time that they see ghosts in the bathrooms there, but nobody knows why they’re there,” Jared Newell said.

    2) Longview Lake and beach is a fun vacation spot with plenty to do for everyone. “When I go there I usually do canoeing, the waves get a little wild but it’s always a good time to hangout with friends.”, Grace Stephenson said.

    3) Whistle Stop is a coffee house with a phenomenal atmosphere inside and out.

    “Me and my friends sometimes go there after school and have fun and talk in the outside area. The outside set up is super nice and all the people that work there really care about you.”, Sierra Nyquist said.

    4) Powell Garden is a beautiful sight for everyone to sit back and relax.

    “I went there a year ago and it was absolutely gorgeous. You have to pay to go in but it’s well worth it. ”, said Tamia Ray

    5) Frankie Farelanes is a Friendly place that makes everyone feel at home with great service and food.

    “I go there all the time because I love their food, and they really do care about you. The waiters and waitresses will ask how you are doing all the time,”  Valeri Spence said.

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