Up to the Plate

Jordan Copsey

Baseball is a team sport, these boys have to work together in order to reach the goals they dream of.

“Just being there for each other not getting mad at each other for doing things wrong.” Sophomore Nate Thompson said.

Sometimes your teammates will have faults but, you have to always support them.

“Every time we have a rally in hitting it just keeps coming along and we all support each other and it helps us get confidence for hitting” Sophomore Blaise Sanson said.

Building off of each other’s energy helps them stay alive.

“I mean when we are all in the we are excited and play good but sometimes we are all just like dead” Sophmore Jack Mcspurren said.

In order to keep up the score it is important to stay positive throughout the whole game, no matter the circumstances.

“Staying positive whenever we are losing.” Sophomore Sam Glasco said.

There are always people on the team who want to ensure that everything is fun but still competitive.

“I have a big responsibility on the team, and I’m the team leader.” Glasco said.

Everyone is so close, no matter if they are new or not the boys are very welcoming

“We play together in the summer and we all have that friendship.” Sophomore Tate Alexander said.

No matter if they get mad at each other or fight at the end of the day they will always bring each other up.

“I hit a triple and I was rounding the base pads to score to get a home run and I slipped and fell and I had to dive back to the bag.” Sanson said.