Feeding the School


Maddie Francis

 The lunch ladies are one of the most imperative members of our school. Although they are overlooked the school would not be able to run without them. They are in charge of making sure all of the lunches run smoothly. Meaning food, students, and clean-up, and that’s for the whole student body. Almost everyone will interact with the lunch ladies daily, but does anyone ever really acknowledge them or the work they do for us? The student body needs to work better on giving the lunch lady the respect and recognition they deserve. We can start by learning a little bit about their experience here at LSHS.

“I really enjoy seeing the students every day and making them smile and making them laugh and making their day, I really try to make everyone’s day, so it’s the students that keep me coming.” Lunch Lady Sister Melanie Haniyeah said.

What is something a student did for a lunch lady that really stood out?

“I actually got a letter from one of the students it was a message from the skies, her name was Sky and it was really neat and I knew right away that was another sign that it was meant for me to be here to help kids, I made a kid’s difference, you know I made a child’s day it was really neat thank you for asking I did get a nice letter yeah it was nice, I’m gonna frame it, it really made my day, it really made my year actually, I told her that ‘made my year’ I knew that this was the right choice to be here, its my first year here so, I knew that it  was meant to be, I made a good choice, coming to LSR7.”  Sister Melanie said.

What has a lunch lady done to make your day better?

“There’s always this one lunch lady who is like I love your shirt, I love your glasses, I love your shoes, that’s really nice.” Junior Adora Parker said.

What do the students say about the food like the lunch ladies prepare?

“A lot of people complain about the quality of it when it’s probably better than most of the schools around here. I think we should just show more appreciation to them because I feel like they’re overlooked a lot by everyone and when they are looked at they’re looked at with a lot of complaints.” Sophomore Asia Washington said.

What do the lunch ladies do for the school and our students?

“They’re willing to put in the work for everyone here, I haven’t gotten lunch once this year but I did last year and I like the Bosco sticks, they’re muy delicious.” Washington said.

What can students do for our lunch ladies?

“Just a smile, a smile goes a long way, I think everyone is doing their best on doing that cause I feel great here, I feel welcomed and wonderful so I think everyone is doing their bit on being kind, kindness is contagious, it goes a long way.” Sister Melanie said.

Why should the lunch ladies be recognized?

“Cause they don’t get enough recognition as we see them every day, and they do stuff for us every day. They’re working all day but we just see them for like 20 minutes and we don’t think about it.” Sophomore Kayla Marble said.

Why are they so important to the day-to-day at LSHS?

“They’re like underground workers like they are making our food and they have to make the stuff that the school gets for them actually appetizing and they have to get it all ready for hundreds and hundreds of students like they’re lunches are back to back, people don’t realize that like you’re going in for one lunch but there’s four lunches they have to prepare for, their working off the clock.” Parker said.

Why are the lunch ladies so important for the students?

“I really look forward to treating the kids equally and I really love feeding the kids every day and something that I really like to do is making everybody smile and nutritious meals for everyone. It’s really neat to start with.” Sister Melanie said.