The King of Rock’n’Roll

Many people have speculated that Elvis is still alive, trying to find a new life for himself not surrounded by fans and haters


“Open Mic” by Eschipul is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jordan Copsey

Warning: mentions of drugs, and OD

Fake deaths. Why? There have been so many celebrities throughout history that stayed in the public eye for most of their lives. What would happen if they were done with the spotlight they had been receiving? Some of these people would do anything just to get their name out of the light. To live a seemingly normal life. Perhaps, they would even go so far as to fake their own deaths. 

Elvis Presley started his career in his late teens when Sam Phillps, a producer, was searching for a very particular kind of talent. He knew that whoever he chose would grow and gain a following fairly quickly. Phillips discovered the young Elvis Presley, and the two quickly worked together to write and record Elvis’s first song “That’s All Right,” which once released was a hit within a couple of days. Presley only grew from there. Teenage girls were swooning over his moves and voice. Mothers even thought of him as the devil, tempting their daughter into sinful actions. Parents went crazy trying to tear him down. Security was hired at all of his shows, and Elvis fell into a hole of painkillers and anti-depressants. Though he wasn’t too worried, his doctor assured him that he would be fine and that these drugs wouldn’t affect him. 

On August 16th, 1977, Elvis told his girlfriend he was going to go to the bathroom, but he never came out. When she went to go check on him, she found him dead on the floor. Elvis died at the young age of 42 with a clogged colon, an overworked heart, and at least 10 different drugs in his system. Once this news went public, people were left in shock. They mourned by listening to his music and praising him.

Once the coroner’s report came back, there were odd inconsistencies throughout the report. Many people have speculated that he’s still alive, trying to find a new life for himself not surrounded by fans and haters. There have been hundreds of reports of people believing that they saw him, or someone using his alias John Buros. People even believe they saw him in an airport in Memphis, Tennessee buying a one-way plane ticket into Argentina. No one has solid proof that he faked his own death, but he will always be remembered for his hit songs. However, some are most intrigued by the fact that this iconic pop singer could still be alive.