Loes Brookhuis


Jordan Copsey

Starting school in a completely different country can be weird, but what are the differences between countries? Take a look into Loes Brookhuis’s life as a transfer student from the Netherlands.

“I wanted to go outside of Europe, without my parents,” Brookhuis said.

Thinking about going to school in a different country can be a lot but how different is America from the Netherlands

“I was shocked by how often we used plastic cups and paper plates,” Brookhuis said.

Americans have more room to express themselves through their clothes.

“I came to school one day in sweatpants and my mom freaked out on me,” Brookhuis said.

Schooling is different in every country, but especially when you have to “redo” a year of school.

“I already did a year of college. I graduated when I was 15,” Brookhuis said.

Since she graduated at 15, she didn’t have much time for other activities.

“I played field hockey for 8 years before I had to start working and go to school,” Brookhuis said

Now being in the US deciding on colleges can be difficult, mainly when schooling is different between countries.

“I want to stay close for college, I was thinking maybe KU.” Brookhuis said.

College can be hard but what is harder can be letting go of friends.

“I have a neighbor from Denmark and I’m with her every day. It’ll be different when she has gone and I stay here.” Brookhuis said.

Losing those connections can be really hard but, trying to stay near people that you have made connections with can really help with the few that have to go.

“I just wanted a host family to match my personality, rather than being in like Florida,” Brookhuis said.