Conspiracy Column: Nashville Bombing

While his motive is still unclear, there have been a couple of theories


Jordan Copsey

On December 25, 2020, 63-year-old Anthony Warner set off a bomb in his vehicle. He killed himself and injured 8 others whilst severely damaging the surrounding buildings. While his motive is still unclear and under investigation, he gave a warning through a speaker on his van notifying people that there was in fact a bomb and it would go off. By doing so, it seems as if he just wanted to hurt the company, not the people. There have been a couple of theories as to why he wanted to blow up an AT&T building. 

For starters, this AT&T building was important, as it was the data center for AT&T. Many people believe that he targeted AT&T because they signed a contract to be able to do a forensic audit on the Dominion Voting Systems machines. Another possible motive was how this would affect people’s technology. It disrupted internet and mobile services across Tennessee and some surrounding states. Until the investigation is over, we won’t know his true motives of why he would want to do such a thing on what is supposed to be a happy holiday.