DIY Hair Dye

Ten tips to safely dye your hair at home.


Leah Haskell

Dying your hair yourself is a cheap and fun way to change up your look. Even though it is not done by a professional, with some helpful tips your hair will look stylish and cool at home.

1) Know what you want and need.

Make sure before you start to dye your hair that you have all of the colors you want and all the supplies. Using a dying bowl and brush is much cleaner and easier than using a bottle that box dyes come with. Having hair clips to hold up hair is very helpful when dying different sections. A shower cap is a great way to make sure dye does not get everywhere when you are waiting. Shower caps also help to keep your hair from drying while it dyes.

2) Buy more than you think you need.

Always buy an extra box or bottle. It is always better to have too much than not enough when it comes to hair dye. If you end up with an extra box or bottle of hair dye you can save it for later touch-ups.

3) Know what colors you can use.

You should do research on what colors you can apply to your current hair color. For example, if you have dark brown hair and you want a bright red, you will need to bleach your hair.

4) Read the directions.

Always make sure you follow the directions and make sure you leave the dye in for the right amount of time. Leaving the dye in longer than directed can damage your hair even more. Leaving the dye in for shorter than directed will leave your hair only partially dyed.

5) Protect your skin.

Applying chapstick around your hairline is an easy way to make sure you do not dye your skin. Wearing gloves are very important so you do not end up dying your hands. The dye will stain your skin and nails for a couple of days.

6) Section your hair.

To make sure you get an even color throughout your hair you want to section your hair into manageable parts. Dying small pieces at a time is easy and makes sure you do not miss a spot.

7) Bring a friend.

It is always nice to have an extra set of hands to help you reach the back of your head. If you need to, use two mirrors to see the back.

8) Wash your hair before.

Washing your hair before dying makes it so that the dye applies better. Wash your hair before, make sure not to use conditioner, and that all the shampoo is fully finished out. Your hair also must be fully dry before you try and dye it.

9) Rinse your hair fully and condition your hair.

After dying your hair, make sure you rinse your hair with cold water and keep rinsing it until the water runs clear. Do not use shampoo while rinsing your hair! Only use the conditioner after rinsing out the dye. Conditioner helps hydrate your hair and helps keep the dye in for longer.

10) Get new shampoo.

If you want to keep a nice vibrant color, make sure you have a color-safe shampoo. It helps keep your hair dye in for as long as possible. Washing your hair with cold water also is very helpful to keep the dye in.

Dying your hair can be fun and exciting but you need to make sure you are as safe as possible if you are dying hair at home.