The Existence of Trees

A surprising conspiracy developed by Flat-Earthers


Jordan Copsey

By this point, I’m pretty sure everyone knows or has at least heard about Flat-Earthers and their conspiracy that the world is not spherical, but instead flat. Well, they have a new theory that trees aren’t exactly real. Let me explain.

Flat-Earthers mostly only believe in science that backs up their arguments. This is why it’s not surprising that they don’t think trees are real. They believe that a long time ago, the oxygen levels were higher, so everything was bigger, but the levels have gone down so therefore everything is now smaller. If you were to look at the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, it semi-resembles a tree stump. On August 24, 2020, this content was shared all around, claiming that scientists discovered “an incredibly large petrified root system” that was found underneath. This claim has been debunked. 

A local radio station in Wyoming KGAB AM 650 published an article in August of 2017 titled “Help spread Wyoming’s new myth.” This was for Wyomingites to spread this myth around possibly for attraction, but it’s unclear. This article cites a Facebook post by “Casper Planet,” who was the first person to start this myth in July 2017. This page posted an image of the “roots” from the tower. In reality, it was just a root system of sweet corn. 

Though all of these theories have some sort of “facts” behind them, all of them have been debunked. So, this is one of the dumber theories that exist currently, though it is a bit fun to learn about.