Maddie Francis


Leah Haskell

Maddie Francis is a freshman who loves to write and tell her story about the private school she attended. 

“I like to read a lot, I like to stay up reading,” Francis said. “I love to write. I hope to be an author one day, writing all the time and doing nothing else.”

Francis spends time writing a lot of stories but she has trouble not tossing them to the side to write a different story.

“I like to write something that someone would actually put on Hallmark, but it’s funny to be.”

She is trying to write a story about her best friend’s life.

“I was writing a story about my best friend because her life is dramatic, so I overdramatized them and made her a super annoying main character. It was funny and I liked it.”

She once started to write a play and had a lot of kids ask her to be involved with it.

“In 7th grade, I tried to write a play, like a serious kind of play, but I’m not a serious writer at all. I can’t write seriously.”

I love to write. I hope to be an author one day, writing all the time and doing nothing else.

— Maddie Francis

Francis has two sisters with whom she is very close with, her older sister is Lydia and her younger sister is Tallulah.

“Some bad things happened to us when we were younger so we had to be close. We always look out for each other. For a long time, I was only close to them.”

She especially likes to spend time with Lydia when she is not with her friends.

“I like to hang out with friends, but besides that, I usually end up hanging out with my younger sister. She has dyslexia and can’t go to real school because it’s super severe. So she’s bored all the time. So I’ll do whatever she wants to do.”

Paper and pen are not Francis’ favorite ways to create things, instead, she likes to build her art instead.

“I like creating things like I created this puppet show out of cardboard. A puppet stage with stairs and I made this huge tree and sun. Most of it is broken now though. I love set design, I love making things with super glue. I have a huge glue gun that I always burn myself with.”

Francis once attended a Catholic private school, and she likes attending a public school a lot more.

“When I hear public school kids complain about public school, I don’t get it because it is so much better. If there is a favoritism problem here, in private school it’s so much worse because the teachers aren’t shy about who their favorites are. I should know, I was the teacher’s favorite so I benefited from it. If your parents work at a private school you are super popular. It’s really saturated by popularity. I was friends with all the popular girls. I was mean. I’m not anymore so don’t worry.”