Leah Haskell


Maddie Francis

 Leah Haskell, like any other senior, is beginning her transition from high school to college, from child to adult. But what she will miss most about her time here at Lee’s Summit High School is her favorite teacher Ms. Marilyn Bauk. 

“I had her as a science teacher and she’s also the club sponsor for GSA and I’m in that. But she’s also the sponsor for the K-pop club I started freshman year, as a dance crew, she was the sponsor for that so we got close. We have the same interests, her and I both play D&D, so we talked about that, we both like some shows and everything, so her and I talk about that a lot, so it’s really nice to have someone to be like ‘Oh, my god you like this too?’” Haskell said.

I think in years to come Leah will remember Ms. Marilyn Bauk and their conversations about Dungeons and Dragons and anime. But Leah has more to her than just anime and D&D, she’s a very talented artist, and enjoys her portfolio class more than any other subject in school.

“I love it because you can really do whatever you want and Ms. Chainy is really nice,” Haskell said.

For Leah’s senior year she has to do a lot more than just her portfolio class.

“I procrastinated a lot when I was an underclassman, so I have a lot of classes I need to get done, so like I’m taking eight classes at the moment. So I have my hands full but the issue is that most of them aren’t all electives-like this class-and I have two art classes.” Haskell said.

Even though Leah will be leaving for college soon, she has intentions of returning to the high school setting eventually.

“I plan on being, I want to be an art teacher. I’d rather be in high school than teaching little kids how to finger paint.” Haskell said.