Apps for Young Writers

These are a few helpful apps for writers.


Lyric Westley

As a writer, it can be difficult to find the right resource to help with the creative process. Whether one struggles with making characters, settings, dialogue or even needs feedback, these apps are great for these things.





A Novel Idea (i-products only): This app mainly focuses on orginalization aspects when it comes to stories. One of its uses is having spaces for information to be put for each character. The app also helps writers keep track of details for the setting, important parts of the plot, and overall themes. This app is perfect for projects both for school assignments and for fun too. When writing, it is easy to lose track of details both significant and not. Keeping up with a lot of papers and/or online documents for these details is a lot of work and it’s easy to misplace them. With A Novel Idea, all the information is easy to access.



Writing Prompts (for android and may contain paid content) Just as the title says, this app provides all kinds of writing prompts. It contains a variety of prompts both from the app’s team and ones submitted by users of the app. It also allows writers to write and publish stories from prompts on the app and other users and give feedback as well. This app is great if either someone needs to add new aspects to their story or even just to get their creative juices flowing.



Wattpad (phones, tablets, and online): While some might have somewhat of a negative bias towards Wattpad, it is very helpful for writers. Whether someone wants to write fanfiction, an original work (stories, poetry, blogs etc) or even release lyrics to a song, this app/site works well. People write and get feedback from Wattpad’s huge community, and also a large variety of things to read and get inspiration from.


Writing Challenge: This app is in a game format to make things more fun. When the app is opened, it gives the user a prompt and sets a timer. When the timer goes off, another aspect for the story will be added such as characters, lines and scenes. The timer will reset after that, and the process will start again. Users can try the group game setting and have each person write where the one before them left off. This app helps writers learn when to incorporate details and it provides a good challenge as well.