Below Freezing

Student takes on AMI snow days


Olivia O'Dell

The freezing temperatures have taken a toll on the students and staff. The past couple of weeks, students have had six snow days, five of which were alternate methods of instruction (AMI)  days.

“I love the sun and being able to go outside. I hate the snow. The sun helps me feel better and more positive,” freshman Madalyn Puckett said.

Some students think quite the opposite. They enjoy the snow, not the bone-chilling weather though. 

“I don’t really like the cold, but looking at the snow, it’s really pretty,” freshman Jenna Heafner said.

Although the sparkling, freshly fallen snow can be beautiful, it can also cause problems for those that walk to school. Some students had to find another means of transportation, or suffer through.

“Some mornings it can be too cold for me to walk and I have to get a ride to school,” freshman Aiddan Wright said. 

AMI days are enforced when there is inclement weather. Students are given virtual instruction and assignments on their Chromebooks through Schoology. Some students like the new AMI days.

“I prefer AMI days over regular snow days because I don’t want to be in school through June. I would rather get it over with. I feel like we should be able to have more than five AMI days available just in case we get more snow,” Puckett said.

Other students want their snow days back.

“I would have preferred actually snow days, where we don’t have to do anything. I don’t like the AMI days, but it does not make sense that we only have five of them because we were virtual for a whole semester,” Heafner said.

A few students’ parents are also against AMI days.

“My parents don’t like the AMI days because they believe I need in-person help and it’s like going back to online learning,” Wright said.

Whether they are enjoyed or not, AMI days have spared students from having to go to school until June. The last day of school, as of right now, is May 27th. As the temperatures rise and the sun brightens, so do students’ attitudes. Staff and students look forward to more sunny days.